April 4, 2012

CSBG Appropriations

Last week, I testified on CSBG Appropriations. I was number nineteen out of twenty people to testify that day. I listened to a lot of testimony prior to mine. Eighteen people talking about their programs, all good programs. Everybody asked for more money. Everybody pointed out how tight things are right now, how the demand for services is growing, and how more money is needed. Everyone requested an increase to address increased demand for services, the increased cost of fuel, or the increased cost of insurance. Some wanted billions; others wanted millions.

I felt genuinely sorry for appropriators. They have difficult decisions to make and these were clearly twenty programs that interested them. Listening to everyone testify, I got a full flavor of some of the challenges Members face. I was encouraged to testify by Members. This is a good sign for our program. We asked for $700 billion on CSBG, an increase from our current allocation at $670 million. We asked for a small increase to get us back to the 2010 level.

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