April 15, 2012

Women Candidates and Poverty

I have blogged about the Women’s Senate Network before but I want to mention them again. I belong to both Republican and Democratic networks, at very high levels. A little while ago, I was invited to join the Women’s Senate Network. After the initial shock of having to defend my manhood, I found the network one of the most interesting for our work. I find that Democratic women, both incumbents and candidates, have poverty and inequality as a high priority. These days, I also see a common concern among women candidates that when the economy recovers women will be left behind in economic recovery. This is a big issue for women. Consequentially they are more focused on issues of inequality, strategies to prevent poverty and how to provide a safety net. 

I have also found women, particularly Democratic women Senators, are more willing to role up their sleeves, quicker to argue with the Administration, or willing to advocate within the Senate on behalf of our programs.  This seems more so today than in the past. I think those states that have women Democratic Senators or even some Republican Senators like Snowe or Collins are certainly aware and attentive to poverty in America right now. 

This week I have a couple conference calls with women candidates. Poverty is on the agenda. I have trips coming up with women candidates running for federal office. These women are very interested in poverty and our kind of programs. I am hopeful that it translates to support for our program. It is promising so far. 

On the whole, I am still surprised at the receptivity to caring about low-income and advocating for low-income programs that a lot of Democratic women office holders and office seekers have. 

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