May 3, 2012

Bob Walton

Last week Friday, Community Action lost a giant. Robert “Bob” Walton of Community Action Organization of Scioto County in Portsmouth, Ohio passed away after a difficult struggle with cancer. Bob was definitely one of a handful of CAP directors who understood Community Action. He understood the complexities and nuances of community action. He understood the need to innovate while delivering services. He understood the need to organize and confront the system and the need to assist the power structure.  He was incredible and truly one of the giants of our community. He was one of the best I ever encountered. Bob was a terrific guy. I was lucky enough to know him. I knew he was facing a struggle and was fortunate to be able to talk with him just two weeks ago while he was in the hospital and I am really glad I did. He was known amongst Senators and Governors. It was not uncommon for Senator Brown to ask me, “What does Bob think about this idea?” Bob had the trust and confidence of elected officials but he also pushed them hard. He was an advocate and a leader. Community Action lost a giant.

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