May 7, 2012

Community Action’s Next Generation of Leaders

Last week, Community Action lost a giant in Bob Walton of Portsmouth, Ohio. I was saddened to hear about Bob’s passing. Besides losing a giant, it left me with feeling a sense of urgency. I am worried about leadership within our network. We really need to start to develop the Emerging Leaders Think Tank. I want to invest in developing the Think Tank so it meets the needs of our network, the needs of the Emerging Leaders and my needs. I have talked with a number of partners who want to help Community Action invest in professional development. I have talked with the Administration, education partners and universities who want to work together on professional development. 

As much as we are fighting the Administration, there are people within the different levels of the executive level who want to work with us to improve the programs and help us meet our needs. Bob Walton's loss reminds me that we need to make sure we are doing everything we can to develop the next generation of leaders. I see so many of them moving on to other organizations. I worry that we are losing some of our strongest leaders and I worry about who will replace them. We have our work cut out for us, and not just politically or legislatively. Right now we must be thinking about the future of Community Action.

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