May 4, 2012

Midnight Approaching

One thing that surprises me right now is how many Members ask me to travel with them. It is a good thing. Both Democrats and Republicans want me to travel with them to their districts or states this summer. I interpret their invitation to mean that they find value in visiting our agencies and my being along. I like that. What I don’t care for is the partisan rhetoric I experience almost every day. It has to take a toll on the populace, who must get tired of it. It must take a toll on the candidates as they get bashed all the time. And I tell you, it takes a toll on me. I like Congress. I want it to work but I just do not see that happening right now. 

I predict that post November elections, we will have two extremely productive years in Congress. It will be different than what we have had for a number of years, regardless of which party wins. I won’t forecast who is going to control the House, Senate or White House but I do predict that Congress will be more productive. When pushed to the limit, when facing a midnight deadline, Congress tends to do the right thing. For a number of problems America is facing, midnight is fast approaching. Debt, deficit, spending priorities, tax overhaul, energy policy, entitlement reform. The time is approaching when Congress will have to deal with them and I still believe Congress will do the right thing. The urgency of our problems demands bipartisan action. It may be ugly getting there, but I believe both parties will do the right thing in the end. 

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